24 July 2019, SKYCITY Auckland: Venue information

EMBARK is a day of two halves.

The first half of the day is a series of workshops run by Climate Leaders Coalition signatories sharing what they have learnt to help others make faster progress.

The second part of the day will be facilitated sessions to connect attendees with low emission solution providers who can help them to take their next steps.

The aim of EMBARK is that by the end of the day attendees will come away with the building blocks of a great transition plan and will be connected with the people who can help them turn their plan into reality.



Registrations open



Kaikaranga – ‘The Call’

Mihi whakatau

Te Aroha Grace, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei



Graeme Stephens, CEO – SKYCITY


Scene setting - purpose of the day, and the role of the Climate Leaders Coalition

Mike Bennetts, CEO – Z Energy and Convenor of the Climate Leaders Coalition


Workshops with selected signatories of the Climate Leaders Coalition who will share how they have implemented the key elements of emissions reduction in their businesses. Attendees will choose to attend 3 of the following workshops run over the course of the morning.

*Solution providers are able to decide whether to attend the workshop(s) their particular product or service helps to support.


Workshops round 1


1. Measuring and reporting emissions:

  • Their approach to measuring emissions and how this has evolved over time
  • Publicly reporting emissions.
Tom Kelly from The Warehouse Group and Rosie Mercer from Ports of Auckland

2. Setting targets and transition planning

  • Fonterra will share their electrification roadmap
  • Enviro-Mark will provide an overview of how their members approach setting targets and how transitioning has evolved over time
  • EECA will discuss how their clients are putting emissions reduction plans in place.
Ian Goldschmidt from Fonterra, Steve Dixon from Enviro-Mark Solutions and Eddie Christian from EECA

3. Financing

  • SKYCITY will discuss the principles behind funding decisions and models at SKYCITY, including their internal carbon price
  • Westpac will share information on different financing solutions for emissions reduction
Graeme Stephens from SKYCITY and Chris Dineen from Westpac

4. Quick win projects  

  • Fonterra will share its energy management/emissions reduction programme as an example of an energy efficiency project
  • Meridian will outline its phasing of electric vehicles into their fleet and the key levers to get each phase implemented.
Tony Oosten from Fonterra and Nick Robilliard from Meridian




Workshops round 2


5. Carbon credits and offsetting  

  • Z and Air New Zealand will discuss why offsetting is an important component in their transition plans and the voluntary and regulatory activity underway.
Camilla Read from Z Energy and Jen Sullivan from Air New Zealand

6. Business reputation and consumer behaviour change

  • A joint presentation on how consumer attitudes are changing and how business action has an impact on brand and reputation
  • Examples of businesses doing good storytelling/stakeholder engagement on climate change and business action.
Nikki Wright from Wright Communications, James Walker from Porter Novelli and Steve Kane from TRUE
 Workshop 1: Measuring and reporting emissions 

Workshop 2: Setting targets and transition planning



Workshops round 3

Workshop 3: financing

Workshop 4: quick wins

Workshop 5: carbon credits and offsetting

Workshop 6: Business reputation and consumer behaviour change




Connecting solutions: facilitated session 1

*At the time of registration, attendees will be asked to identify 3 key challenges or opportunities they need to address to take action. The workshops will be themed to reflect these topics. During the workshops participants will be connected to the providers of products and solutions who can help them take their next steps.


Connecting solutions: facilitated session 2


Connecting solutions: facilitated session 3


Climate Leaders Coalition's first anniversary event

  • Te Aroha Grace, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei
  • A year in review by Z Energy CEO and Climate Leaders Coalition convenor Mike Bennetts
  • Panel discussion with Minister for Climate Change James Shaw, SKYCITY CEO Graeme Stephens, incoming Spark CEO Jolie Hodson, Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Council Abbie Reynolds, and Stuff Editor in Chief Patrick Crewdson.
  • Cake cutting


Networking drinks

6.35pmLighting Sky Tower green to celebrate Climate Leaders Coalition first anniversary