24 July 2019, SKYCITY Auckland: Venue information

Embark is a day of two halves.

The first part of the day is a series of workshops to allow attendees to quickly learn from other organisations about the key components of their transition plans.

The second part of the day will be a facilitated session to connect attendees with solution providers who will help them take the next steps.
We’ll continue to update the programme as we confirm speakers and timings.



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Mihi whakatau

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Graeme Stephens, CEO – SKYCITY


The purpose of the day, and the role of the Climate Leaders Coalition

Mike Bennetts, CEO – Z Energy and Convenor of the Climate Leaders Coalition

9:30am – 1pm

Selected signatories of the Climate Leaders Coalition will share how they have implemented the key elements of emissions reduction in their businesses. Attendees will choose to attend 3 of the following workshops:

  1. Measuring and reporting emissions
    • Establishing your baseline and setting up your measurement process
    • What and how to report
    • Solutions available (e.g. software, independent assurance)
  2. Setting targets and transition planning
    • Long term target setting: balancing what’s ambitious/affordable/achievable
    • Target options - Science Based Targets, net zero, KPIs for business units
    • Transition planning
    • Integration into operations
  3. Financing
    • Funding decisions and models (long-term)
    • Using an internal carbon price
    • Financing solutions
  4. Quick win projects
    • Transport efficiency
    • Energy efficiency
    • Examples of solutions and projects
  5. Carbon credits and offsetting
    • Regulatory and voluntary carbon markets
    • Accessing credible credits
    • Examples of programmes - costs to offset, insetting
  6. Business reputation and consumer behavior change
    • Consumer shifts and expectations
    • Brand and reputation
    • Storytelling and helping people engage

Solution provider attendees are able to decide whether to attend the workshop(s) their particular product or service helps to support.


Lunch and networking


Facilitated session(s) will directly connect attendees with solutions providers. Attendees will leave having connected with organisations who can help them take the next steps.


Launch of the 2019 Climate Leaders Coalition statement


Event Close. Attendees are invited to join the Climate Leaders Coalition CEOs to celebrate the first anniversary of the Coalition.


Networking drinks