What’s the difference between a conference and EMBARK?

Climate Leaders Coalition | 08 Jul 2019

Ever spent a full day at a conference, returned to work and made immediate changes to the way you’ve worked or the work you’ve done? No? You’re not alone.

Attending a conference usually involves hearing a lot of people talk at you, ‘experts’ keen to download as much information as possible, and a panel discussion that usually leaves you with more questions than answers.

When SBC, EECA, Ministry for the Environment and WWF New Zealand started designing EMBARK together – we had one clear, shared goal: enabling action on climate change. We knew that we had to design an event that empowers people to take action. When people leave EMBARK they already know the next steps they need to take. They have been directly connected with at least one person who can help them.  Changes will be made, action will be taken, emissions will be reduced.

EMBARK involves six morning workshops on how to measure emissions, set targets, write transition plans, finance projects, deliver quick wins, offset emissions and engage people. Climate Leaders Coalition signatory businesses will openly share what they did, how they went about it, and who helped them. Attendees choose which three sessions they would like to attend, depending on the stage in the emission reduction journey they’re currently at.

And the afternoon involves specially designed workshops from our partners Catapult and thinkstep. They will orient people to action and directly connect attendees with the providers of products and solutions that will help them reduce emissions. We’ve had over 30 solution providers register so far – and are excited to be able to bring the market together in this way.

EMBARK attendees are then invited to join the CEOs of the Climate Leaders Coalition to celebrate their first anniversary.

Ready to EMBARK? Register now at www.embark2019.nz/