EMBARK 'the place to be' for businesses wanting to take climate action - Enviro-Mark Solutions

Climate Leaders Coalition | 24 May 2019

Enviro-Mark Solutions is looking forward to attending EMBARK.

EMBARK is a celebration of the companies that have committed to take positive action on climate change through reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in line with a science-based approach. The event is the ‘place to be’ to share goals, ideas and projects that will make a difference.

Many of the organisations in attendance at EMBARK will share their own experiences to inspire others. We recommend that those early on in their climate action journey come and hear these stories.

Enviro-Mark Solutions Chief Executive, Dr Ann Smith, says “Members of the Climate Leaders Coalition recognise the urgency of engaging all sectors of the economy in taking climate action. EMBARK will be the most valuable conference for businesses who are setting out on this journey. You will learn how others are measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas inventories, embedding targets into their organisations and tackling real emissions reduction projects. With the Zero Carbon Act only months away, you can obtain great insight into how you can position your business ready for the anticipated regulatory changes.”

The event is going to cover the key aspects of climate action strategy and practicalities that lead to meaningful reductions, starting with; measuring and reporting, then setting targets, developing reduction plans and selecting credible offsetting solutions.

Measuring your greenhouse gas footprint is fundamental for understanding what your emissions are – you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Enviro-Mark Solutions is working with a number of the Climate Leaders Coalition members on their greenhouse gas inventories through our CEMARS and carboNZero certification programmes including: NZ Post, Toyota and SkyCity. We assisted The Warehouse Group to go carbon neutral through achieving carboNZero certification.

We are excited about collaborating with other like-minded organisations who recognise the urgency of taking climate action and are committed to setting meaningful targets, particularly Science Based Targets to stay within a 1.5°C limit to global warming.

“For organisations who already have a well-established climate action plan, EMBARK will be the place to share experiences, emissions reduction project ideas and help engage supply chains. It is going to be an exciting event,” Dr Ann Smith says.